Couples Counseling

If you and/or your partner have considered couples counseling, it is probably a good idea to get started soon. Most problems in relationships improve quickly the earlier they are addressed. Nevertheless, most couples wait until serious damage has been done to seek counseling. Usually the damage includes extended periods of stonewalling, chronic criticism, or even infidelity. If you and your partner have not suffered such consequences and are thinking about seeking help, it is a good idea before things deteriorate. 

Whatever your situation, our therapists can help you. In couples counseling, we support and teach partners to communicate in new ways. We teach partners how to go from making criticisms about one another to lodging complaints about each other's behavior. Even this small shift can make a big difference. Often this work culminates in new language and new understanding.

We will help you identify when conversations with each other are productive and when they are not. Quite often, couples who are seeking help have gotten into patterns of ineffective communication. In fact, most unproductive arguments start off on the wrong foot and never recover. We will help you determine when this is happening and how to modify communication so that unproductive arguments can turn into productive disagreements, which can then turn into effective collaboration.

Finally, we challenge and guide partners to gain insight into how unfavorable views of one's self and one's partner lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Therapists explore intergenerational patterns that impact the couple's relationship, and find new ways in which partners can be part of the extended family's fabric.

Whatever your reason for seeking couples counseling, we are interested and eager to meet with you to see if we can help. Below are our clinicians the work with couples.

Dominique Barnes-Walker, PhD

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Tiffany Bernard, LPC

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Juan Contreras, LSW

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Hilary Fingerman, LSW

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Anabel Martinez, LCPC

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Darnell Motley, PhD

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Pedro Segura-Moore, ALMFT

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Anna Siewers, LPC

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Aaron Williams, Intern

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