Chicago Counseling Services (CCS) is a vibrant practice based in Hyde Park on the south side of Chicago and Albany Park on the north side. 


We are often in search of new clinicians to join our team. The qualities that matter most to us are trustworthiness, reliability, competence, humility, and collegiality. Clinical experience, while valuable, matters less as it can be gained over time; the aforementioned qualities, on the other hand, tend to stay consistent regardless of how much experience a clinician has.


We also consider having diversity amongst our team members a non-negotiable aspect our practice identity. Chicago Counseling Services would rather cease to exist than lack a variety of skin tones, identities, and life experiences on our staff.  For more on this, read our values.


Our practice founder, Josh, did not initially envision CCS becoming the size it is today. Instead, he believed Chicago Counseling Services would remain a small practice with a handful of clinicians. However, the demand for services exploded over the past few years due to decreased stigma, increased stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic, political tensions, and racial uprisings. Because of this, CCS has grown rapidly, while being careful not to sacrifice the quality of care we provide. 


Therapist positions offer competitive pay, high quality BCBS health insurance, flexible scheduling, supervision, regular pay increases, matching retirement options, and a warm working environment. 


To apply, email Dr. Josh Singh at jsingh@chicagocounselingservices.com. Be sure to attach your resume and to provide a letter of interest, stating your interest in the position.