Group Therapy


What is a process group?

Our process groups allow group members to foster connections, gain communication skills, and explore the roles they tend to play in groups. Group members are encouraged to explore how they perceive both themselves and others, and encourage an open discussion on these dynamics. While this can initially be intimidating, many participants have found it a refreshing opportunity to address topics that are often left unexplored. The environment encourages dialogue on the "elephant in the room," allowing for personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself within a supportive community.


In process group, you can:

  • Develop communication skills by putting your thoughts, feelings, and reactions into words
  • Engage and navigate conflict
  • Enhance a sense of self-awareness
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Discover what roles you tend to play in groups
  • Feel connected and understood in groups
  • Receive unwavering support
  • Provide and receive honest feedback


What can you expect from process group:

Process groups are comprised of 6 to 8 group members who meet each week for 90 minutes and are facilitated by one or two group therapists.

Prior to joining, prospective group members meet with the group therapists for a pre-group interview to determine whether the group is a good fit.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, UCHP, and USHIP insurance policies cover group therapy sessions. The out of pocket fee is $175 per month.


Process group therapy and individual therapy:

Group therapy can be an additional mode of support alongside individual therapy. Many group members have identified the group space as a venue where they can practice what they are addressing in individual therapy.


Our Current Groups:

All Gender Process Group:

            Tuesdays, 5-6:30pm in Hyde Park - FULL

            Group facilitators: Elena Vertti and Chelsea Cooper

All Gender Process Group:

            Wednesdays 5-6:30pm in Hyde Park - ACCEPTINGNEW MEMBERS

            Group facilitators: Dr. Dominque Barnes-Walker and Chantelle Miller

Women’s Process Group

            Thursdays: 6-730pm in Hyde Park - ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS 

            Group facilitators: Elena Vertti and Anna Siewers

Men’s Process Group

           Thursdays: 6-7:30pm Virtually - ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS

            Group facilitators: Dr. Darnell Motley and Aaron Williams

 Email Elena Vertti at to learn more or to see about joining a group.