Amelia Harper, LCSW, Director of Training


Amelia Harper is a patient, grounded, and compassionate clinician. Amelia approaches therapy with a strengths based approach, acknowledging that even when people are struggling they have many skills, resources, and abilities that got them where they are. She utilizes these strengths to support her clients to reflect and work towards their goals of healing and growth. With the client at the center of her work, Amelia uses her calm demeanor, compassion and a non-judgmental approach to create a therapeutic space that allows the client to bravely step into vulnerability and begin to feel more comfortable in the room and with themselves.

Amelia has extensive experience working with clients that experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and life transitions. She knows that most struggles in life are connected to some level of trauma, and that in order to heal and move forward in life, people need compassion, empathy, and emotional safety.

Amelia graduated with her Master of Social Work from Western Michigan University in 2015 and has received specialized training in sexual abuse/assault, substance use,  and complex trauma. She also has significant experience working with transgender people.

In addition to her professional experience and approach, Amelia is accepting, steady, and sincere.

To reach Amelia, call 773-345-8330 31 or email her at