Sivan Schneider, PsyD


Sivan Schneider is a kind and patient clinician who has worked therapeutically with children and parents, young adults, college and graduate students, and adults. Sivan loves working with people of diverse backgrounds including immigrants and international students. She has provided individual therapy, parent guidance and group therapy in schools, as well as family and group treatment in outpatient and private settings.

Sivan is committed to the well being of her clients and gives tremendous respect to their cultural context. Specifically, she always considers her clients' beliefs, values (personal, familial, cultural, etc) when understanding and working with clients' presenting concerns. Sivan works with psychoanalytic and humanistic orientation and has taught courses in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Sivan has completed her doctoral studies at the Illinois School of professional psychology, was an intern at McGill University Mental Health Center, and was a postdoc at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis.

In addition to qualifications, Sivan is gentle, encouraging, and accepting.

You can reach Sivan Schneider at 773-345-8330 x224 or

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